We love our pets and that is why we have "PET CORNER" in TGYT Magazine

Hello Yorkie Moms and Dads.

In THE GLOBAL YORKSHIRE TERRIER MAGAZINE we have pages dedicated to your special family members that may not be champions in the show ring but are champions of your heart.

In each issue we will introduce you to different Prince or Princess so please send us text that fits half page along with 3 photos of your loved one (remember, it must have 4 legs or simply said BE A YORKIE).

Please be patient as list is long and know that your girl or a boy will appear on this pages when their time comes.

We also invite you to send us cute pictures for our “Being cute, fun and adorable” section.

Pet Section is FREE OF CHARGE but please keep on you mind that photos you are sending must be taken by you (no Copyright law broken), they must be clear and not less that 4”x4” at 300 dpi.

Pictured here are our three boys that are bringing so much joy to our lives.
Magic (Yorkie) is more like a squirrel than a dog and can run as much as his big brother Bucho (Boxer) can but also can climb to places you wouldn't believe is possible while Bucho stays with all his four paws on the floor at all times. Luigi (Boston Terrier) is a "thinker" (stinker too!) that always has to think before doing something to figure out is it worth it.